Welcome to the 15 Minute Radio Hour

'cause who's got time for a full hour?

Yes, folks, in these busy, busy times we're living in who has time for much of anything anymore than to keep the ol' nose to the grindstone, keep the kids fed and onto their next soccer game, try to help your partner with their overload, and on and on?

Well, at the Hearts & Minds CAFE 15 Minute Radio Hour we're doing our part to help you out.  Consider us an oasis in your desert, a tropical island in your ocean, a bit of calm in maelstrom of your daily life.

Relax a little with a little lift from an inspiring video, a moment of calm from an old familiar song, a little humor to smooth out the wrinkles in your day.

To enjoy this week's delightful 4 minute video on the power and the joy of being re-inspired in our own lives, click on "The Spotlight" to the upper left, or just click here.

Enjoy!  -- Lorenzo       

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